Thursday July 21, 2016

Verizon To Disconnect Data Hogs On Unlimited Data Plans

Are you one of those people that believe "unlimited" actually means "unlimited?" Well, if you are, and you are a Verizon customer, you'd better read this article. Apparently Verizon will be completely disconnecting users that consume more than 100GB of data a month unless they switch over to The Verizon Plan by August 31.

Come August 31, if Verizon deems your account as using "an extraordinary amount of data" each month, you could see your line completely disconnected. In other words, Verizon may shut you down by the end of August. According to sources of ours, Verizon is working on an Unlimited Data Plan Migration for the highest unlimited data users on their network. Starting tomorrow, July 21, Verizon will begin notifying users who have been flagged as using that "extraordinary" amount via mailer and through bill messages and explain to them their options to stay with Big Red.