Tuesday July 19, 2016

NYC's Next Subway Cars Have Wi-Fi And USB Ports Built-In

The MTA is modernizing NYC’s subway with 1,025 new and reimagined cars that feature WiFi, USB chargers, full color digital customer information displays, digital advertisements, illuminated door opening alerts, and security cameras. Now if only the city would spend some of that toll money toward fixing the atrocious roads.

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At a press conference on Monday, Governor Andrew Guomo announced the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's $27 billion, five-year plan to add 1,025 new subway cars, more informative digital screens, better security features and -- most importantly for anyone who needs to get some work done underground آ– WiFi and USB charging ports in the cars and stations. "People want to work, and they want their device to work 24 hours a day," Governor Cuomo during the event at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. "They don't want to have to look up. There has to be WiFi, and there need to be charging ports."