Tuesday July 19, 2016

Do I Really Need 1Gbps Internet?

Is a 1Gbps internet connection worth it? You guys who are lucky enough to have that level of service can tell me. While websites and services aren’t set up to utilize those speeds, I would love to try out a 1Gbps upload.

I simply opted for the 1Gbps package to see what it would be like to have that speed in my own home. I’ve only had the service less than a week, but I’ve honestly struggled to witness the differences between nearly 100Mbps speeds and the impressive 1Gbps connection. Streaming 4K content seems just as reliable as before, and web pages for the most part aren’t noticeably faster. The big difference is the huge 1Gbps upload. I can send large files to OneDrive or Dropbox in what seems instant, and even sending files to friends and family is a lot quicker. When I switched from 56K to ADSL, or from ADSL to a fiber connection, there was a powerful and noticeable bump in speed. I honestly haven’t felt that yet with this connection.