Monday July 18, 2016

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Was The "Biggest Day In The History Of Amazon"

I guess I’ll have to take Amazon’s word for it, but I basically forgot all about their big sale day. Did any of you actually score a great deal on something?

Amazon says it sold 90,000 TVs and hundreds of thousands of Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. In the US, Amazon shoppers bought 18,048 pairs of headphones in the first three hours of Prime Day alone, but it wasn't just US shoppers that went Prime Day mad. In Italy, Prime members ordered enough Caffe Vergnano coffee capsules to caffeinate a married couple twice a day for 27 years - much cheaper than marriage counselling. French and Belgium shoppers bought so many games consoles in the afternoon you could stack them on top of each other to make a tower taller than l'Obأ©lisque de la Concorde, while German bargain hunters bought more than 160,000 toys, board games and stuffed animals.