Sunday July 17, 2016

US Government Releases Proposed Guidelines For Smart Guns

The government has given their thoughts on how they think smart guns should work, but with layers of complexity at play such as interference or malfunction, public input is expected and finalized specs are still to come. Even if the security of a smart gun fails, it "must default to a state to allow the pistol to fire."

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The biggest difference that the proposed smart gun would have from regular firearms is the addition of a so-called "security device." This is designed to prevent unauthorized use by disabling the firing system unless when in control of identified users, and has to meet an exhaustive list of requirements (at least, in this draft proposal). The security device is to be a permanent part of the pistol, but can include externally worn items such as rings, wristbands or tokens. More than one person can be programmed to operate the gun, and the security device must not alter the normal operation of grasping and firing the pistol, nor increase the time needed to grab, draw from a holster and fire the weapon.