Sunday July 17, 2016

Toronto Tries Banning Pedestrians From Using Mobile Devices While Crossing The Street

Ontario’s Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca already shot this down, but do you think fining pedestrians is a logical step toward safeguarding people from their own stupidity? (Actually, I just found that I posted a similar story originating from the States some months back, so I guess this sort of legislation will actually pass sometime, somewhere.)

Councillor Frances Nunziata put forward a motion to ask the province to ban anyone walking within the "travelled portion" of the city, that is its crosswalks, from using their smartphone. This was later changed to all mobile devices, leading the motion to pass with 26-15 votes in favour and with support from Mayor John Tory. Section 7 of the minutes states, "That City Council request the Minister of Transportation to consider making a regulation under Section 185(1) of the Highway Traffic Act prohibiting pedestrians from actively using a handheld wireless communication device or handheld electronic entertainment device while using on any travelled portion of a roadway."