Sunday July 17, 2016

Google Wipes Record Breaking Half Billion Pirate Links In 2016

Google removed more than half a billion links from search results this year alone. While the company insists that these numbers prove that its new anti-piracy measures are making a difference, rightsholders remain unimpressed and still view Google as one of the key enablers of pirated content.

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In recent years the number of notices has exploded, breaking record after record. Data analyzed by TorrentFreak reveals that Google recently received its 500 millionth takedown request of 2016. The counter currently displays more than 523,000,000, which is yet another record. For comparison, last year it took almost the entire year to reach the same milestone. If the numbers continue to go up at the same rate throughout the year, Google will process a billion allegedly infringing links during the whole of 2016, a staggering number.