Sunday July 17, 2016

D.C. EMS Department Considering Uber For Transporting Some 911 Callers

Officials are considering Uber and other taxi services to handle the transportation of 911 callers who aren’t in any actual emergency. Agencies in the area may get more than 20 calls a day, some of which may be as trivial as a stubbed toe.

D.C FEMS Chief Gregory Dean told News4 on Monday that the department and other D.C. officials are considering adding nurses to the 911 call center to evaluate medical needs and using vehicles other than ambulances to transport people who need to go to a doctor's office -- but not to an emergency room. "We are working with the health department to find other ways to transport people, such as using a contract taxi cab or Uber," he said. "We are trying to find creative ways to try to reduce the strain on the system." D.C. dispatched more than 160,000 responses to 911 calls for EMS in 2015. An analysis showed many of these calls were not high-priority emergencies.