Saturday July 16, 2016

TOS Agreement Requires Giving Up First Born, Users Gladly Consent

It should not surprise you that few people actually read a TOS agreement before hitting the sign-up button. What I have always wondered is why services are not legally required to describe their terms in a more conspicuous manner.

543 university students involved in the analysis didn't bother to read the terms of service before signing up for a fake social networking site called "NameDrop" that the students believed was real. Those who did glossed over important clauses. The terms of service required them to give up their first born, and if they don't yet have one, they get until 2050 to do so. The privacy policy said that their data would be given to the NSA and employers. Of the few participants who read those clauses, they signed up for the service anyway. "This brings us to the biggest lie on the Internet, which anecdotally, is known as 'I agree to these terms and conditions,'" the study found.