Saturday July 16, 2016

PlayStation 4 Neo Specs And Dev Guidelines Leaked Via Internal Document

New slides confirm much of what was rumored about the Neo, which is going to live alongside the current, less powerful PS4. The biggest difference lies with the GPU, which has a higher number of compute units that are clocked faster.

News Image

Assuming the leaked document is up to date with Sony's current plans, the PS4 Neo will use the same Jaguar cores as the original PS4, but clocked 500MHz faster, with 8 cores racing along at 2.1GHz (up from 1.6GHz). It will also sport the same 8GB GDDR5 memory as the regular PS4, though memory bandwidth jumps from 176GB/s to 218GB/s, a 1.24x improvement. The more significant upgrade will be the GPU. According to the above slide, the PS4 Neo will use an improved version of AMD's GCN compute units (CUs), with twice the number of CUs at 36 instead of 18. They'll also be clocked fasterآ—911MHz versus 800MHz. The net result is a 2.3x improvement in FLOPs (or Floating Point calculations).