Saturday July 16, 2016

Comcast Joins Federal Effort To Bring Discounted Internet To Public Housing

The company is expanding "Internet Essentials," which is a $9.95 high-speed internet plan meant for certain low-income families. This is the latest effort in expanding Americans’ access to the Internet. Others, such as Google Fiber, are even planning to provide connectivity at no cost.

According to HUD, nearly two-thirds of America's lowest-income households own a computer, but less than half have broadband access at home. Nonprofits like the Boys & Girls Clubs and Khan Academy, and Internet providers like Google Fiber and CenturyLink have been helping people get discounted Internet connections, computers and training. As of Friday, Comcast, the nation's largest Internet service provider, adds its full footprint, which covers 40 percent of public and HUD-assisted housing. This marks the massive expansion of Comcast's discounted Internet and equipment program, called Internet Essentials, beyond families with schoolchildren.