Friday July 15, 2016

China, Fears That Pokemon GO May Aid Locating Military Bases

Leave it to the Chinese to go into full panic mode over a game that isn't even available in that country. I shouldn't laugh but some of the quotes in this article are just hilarious.

And although the game is not available in China, the world's biggest smartphone and online gaming market, some people there fear it could become a Trojan horse for offensive action by the United States and Japan. "Don't play Pokemon GO!!!" said user Pitaorenzhe on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. "It's so the U.S. and Japan can explore China's secret bases! Then, when war breaks out, Japan and the U.S. can easily target their guided missiles, and China will have been destroyed by the invasion of a Japanese-American game," said a social media post circulated on Weibo.