Wednesday July 13, 2016

Vine Isn’t Growing And Most Of Its Top Executives Have Left

Everyone seems stumped as to why Vine isn't doing well. I have an easy answer for you, when is the last time you used Vine? Hell, when is the last time you watched a Vine video? It was "cool" when it first came out but the appeal wore off pretty quick.

Nearly all of the top product and business leaders at Vine, Twitter’s three-year-old short-form video service, have left the company in the past four months آ— many of them in the past few weeks. And while Vine remains culturally interesting and an "important" part of Twitter’s strategy, it seems to be struggling. Vine’s recent executive departures include its head of engineering, head of business development and operations, head of user experience, head of editorial and all three of its product managers. Almost all of the departures coincide with Vine’s appointment of a new general manager, Hannah Donovan, which was announced at the end of March. Donovan started in May.