Wednesday July 13, 2016

Apple Will Pay $25M To Patent Troll To Avoid Trial

This is why we cant have nice things. The worst part about this settlement is that this is what encourages patent trolls in the first place. These guys essentially bought a patent that they immediately turned into $25 million. frown

When Mirror Worlds ran out of appeals, it gave up and sold its patentآ—to another patent troll called Network-1 Security. In 2013, Network-1 created a similarly named LLC, this time called Mirror Worlds Technologies, and filed another lawsuit (PDF) in the Eastern District of Texas. The same patent, No. 6,006,227, was used to sue the same target, Apple. Apple said the issue was precluded by the result in an earlier case. After more than a year of additional litigation, a different judge said that the "new" Mirror Worlds could indeed sue again. They were suing over new versions of Mac OS X that didn't exist earlier.