Tuesday July 12, 2016

NVIDIA And MapD Solve Massive Big Data Woes Across Industries

More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race. To visualize and gain insights from this galaxy of information, MapD offers a new approach, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs. MapD’s database intelligently partitions, compresses and caches data across all GPUs, providing users with up to 100x faster database queries آ— no indexing or optimizations required. When paired with the MapD Immerse analytics front-end, the system delivers instant visual insights into datasets with billions of records.

Mark Litwintschik, a consultant, blogger and database fanatic from the UK, recently tested more than a dozen different databases and configurations using a massive dataset first released late last year. This dataset comprises staggering detail on 1.2 billion individual taxi, limo and Uber trips in New York City over more than five years آ— including full GPS, transaction type, passenger counts and timestamps. MapD real-time data analytics at JFK airport Most of Litwintschik’s prior work had been on CPU-based systems. Testing MapD powered by NVIDIA GPUs resulted in 55x faster performance.