Monday July 11, 2016

Pokemon Go Is A Huge Security Risk

In addition to the whole "robbery and dead bodies" thing, apparently Pokemon Go is also a huge security risk. According to this guy, logging into the game with your Google account gives the game developer the ability to read all your email, send email as you, access to your Google drive documents with the ability to delete files and more.

I started the game, hit the Google button, and was redirected to log in. Normally you’d see a little message saying what data the app is going to be able to access - something like "This app will be able to view your email address and name". For some reason that’s not shown in this case, but I went ahead and logged in anyway. Then on a whim I went to see which permissions it was granted (you can see for your own account right here). To say I was a little stunned is putting it lightly - it said: Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account.