Sunday July 10, 2016

Pokأ©mon Go Players Are Becoming Robbery Targets

O’Fallon, MO officers have captured four individuals suspected of ambushing and robbing unsuspecting Pokأ©mon Go players. Apparently, they would hang around Pokأ©stops or use an in-game "lure" function to call players to where they were.

On its Facebook page, the O'Fallon Missouri Police Department said it believes the criminals are using the app آ— which acts as a kind of AR/GeoCache game آ— to find players they could target. In other words, bad guys opened up the app, found Pokأ©stops (locations marked in the game that players can visit to collect various items and sometimes, Pokأ©mon) with nobody around them and ambushed the unsuspecting Pokأ©mon Go players who showed up. It's also possible the suspects could have used the Lure Module (which you can purchase inside the game) to lure players to a specific Pokأ©stop.