Sunday July 10, 2016

Music Downloads Post Their Worst Decline Ever

In what is being regarded as the most severe drop on record, music downloads have fallen to 23.9%, with total sales at 404.9 million. While I prefer a personal collection I can maintain and curate, streaming seems to be the most practical solution for people who get their music digitally.

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آ…debates over whether streaming is cannibalizing downloads are being thrown out the window, with the latter clearly devouring the former for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack. 2016 is clearly the year that killed paid music downloads. But unlike CDs and vinyl, which enjoyed post-extinction lifespans, the music download could be permanently wiped off the Earth. Emmanuel Zunz, CEO of digital distributor ONErpm, was the first to predict a complete and total replacement of the paid download, simply because streaming is so directly competitive (and better).