Saturday July 09, 2016

This Is What The 2016 Nexus Phones Will Look Like

I was a little worried about how these phones would turn out based on HTC’s past designs, but it seems that Google gave a lot of input into how they wanted them to look. I think it’s just about perfect, except for the glossy portion on the back.

News Image

...there's no camera hump, for one, which is excellent. The secondary glossy plastic (we think - it could be glass, though) pane on the back of the phones gives them an interesting two-tone look, and this black version looks downright stealthy. The rear of the phones has a gentle curve around the edges, with the fingerprint scanner sitting in the typical Nexus position. As far as we know, these phones are aluminum body, not polycarbonate. We're confident in this because we believe the "flagship" advertised color will be a standard aluminum finish with a white face, but we figured we'd share this dark gray / black version.