Saturday July 09, 2016

Nura Headphones Adapt To You To Make Music "Perfect"

Here comes another headphone with a gimmickآ—or is it? These are advertised to measure your hearing from your outer ear all the way to the brain and adapt music perfectly to you.

You might wonder why music needs to adapt. Isn’t it all the same? Well, no it isn’t. The fact is that everyone hears sound frequencies differently, just as unique as our fingerprints and voices. That means that headphones, no matter how expensive can sound different to each person. Scientifically, Nura headphones do this by using a microphone to listen to the soundwaves that enter and exit the ear to detect your personal hearing signature. This takes just 30 seconds by calibrating once with the tap of a button on the smartphone app. That means multiple people can configure and share the same Nura headphones, though I’m not sure you would want to share them.