Saturday July 09, 2016

The Evolution Of HDDs In The Near Future

Seagate is giving their thoughts again on the future of their business, and their CTO talks about how they’re adopting some of the newer technologies such as TDMR to develop drives that better suit the markets' various, unique applications. One thing is for sure; performance is definitely not the priority anymore due to the capability of SSDs.

...performance barely matters for archive or DAS hard drives, whereas nearline and NAS have to be offer both storage space and relatively high performance. As a result, some HDDs just offer vast capacities and performance with the help of PMR, helium and 7200 rpm motors, whereas other rely on SMR and come with a lower spindle speed. Things will not get any less complicated in the coming years because the technology to build HDDs that satisfy demands of end-users and cost reasonable amounts of money is not easy. As a result, some technologies, or a combination of technologies, will not be used to build all types of HDDs. Some things will remain mostly in the data center for Seagate (such as helium), other will be strictly aimed at the consumer (hybrid drives).