Friday July 08, 2016

Will Facebook's New Algorithm Destroy Its Relationships With Brands?

I use Facebook the way it is supposed to be used, to stay up to date and in contact with friends, family, classmates and you guys. I think updates like this are a good thing and they keep things they way they were meant to be.

This update means that content posted by friends you care about; photos, videos, status updates, or links, will be higher up in your feed so you are less likely to miss it. If you do not have a lot of connections on Facebook you could now potentially see multiple posts from the same person in a row - this was hidden from you in the past. People with a lot of friends will see content posted higher up in their feeds. They will still see posts from news articles and pages - if they interact with them. Facebook says that "friends and family come first". If you click Like on posts from certain friends, then you will see posts from them at the top of your feeds.