Friday July 08, 2016

2nd CSGO Skins Lawsuit Filed, Targets TmarTn And ProSyndicate

I have a feeling that this is just the first of many lawsuits these two idiots will be facing. I'm not a lawyer, but even though the most damning evidence in this case has been provided by TmarTn And ProSyndicate themselves, I don't see a lawsuit naming Valve as one of the defendants going very far. They would be better off just suing the skin gambling site owners.

TmarTn, who also owns an equity stake in top esports franchise EnVyUs, and ProSyndicate were both in the firing line over the past week. They failed to disclose they owned skin gambling site CSGO Lotto, despite making numerous videos that showed them winning money on the site. TmarTn, who claimed in an earlier video that he had "found" the site, caught most of the criticism. Making things worse, he issued two videos and one TwitLonger to apologize, all of which he later deleted. The pair have now been named in a Florida class action suit along with their company CSGO Lotto, which is registered in Florida, and Counter-Strike developer Valve.