Thursday July 07, 2016

VR Exposure Therapy Tool For Veterans Powered by AMD

​It’s called Bravemind, and it’s a virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) simulation to help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Utilizing an immersive and realistic virtual environment enabled by AMD graphics technologies, Bravemind recreates unique interactive scenarios to help soldiers normalize the experiences they went through. The end result? A huge leap forward in their personal therapy. According to Merkle, "it allowed me to go back in time pretty much, and put me right back in that exact place... and I’m able to process that instead of avoiding it." By providing his own input to make the scenario more life-like for his situation, Merkle was able to repeatedly experience and process what he went through آ— in his own words, fast-forwarding his therapy by two to three years.