Wednesday July 06, 2016

Lawyers Looking To Sue CSGO Scammers

It didn't take long for this to happen. It looks like the boys behind CSGOLotto should take some of their ill-gotten gains and lawyer up because the wagons are circling. You know when lawyers say stuff like "if my firm doesn’t lead that litigation, another firm will," things are about to get real bad.

Esports lawyers Ryan Morrison, Bryce Clum, and Jeff Ifrah recently ran an AMA on Reddit welcoming questions about the betting scandal. It was here that Morrison آ– who also goes by the handle VideoGameAttorney آ– admitted that he’s already received 75 emails from individuals personally wanting to sue Martin. "I think [civil lawsuits are definite], as I’ve received over 75 emails from people wanting to sue TmarTn specifically (they are in his videos, losing to him)," Morrison wrote. "They used to think it was a cool video to have. Now it’s proof of fraud (in their minds). So if my firm doesn’t lead that litigation, another firm will."