Wednesday July 06, 2016

Amazon Is Quietly Eliminating List Prices

Most savvy shoppers laugh at "list prices," but it seems some people are actually upset that Amazon is moving away from using them anymore. Now, if you used PC Hound, you wouldn't have this problem. Sure this is a bit of shameless self promotion but our handy dandy tool compares prices from the big online retailers and gives you a price history at the same time.

The shift away from list prices is taking some merchants on Amazon by surprise. A seller named Travis complained in an Amazon forum that the list price on his product آ— which he did not identify آ— had disappeared from the site. "I’m well aware that it is bogus but it is a common marketing tactic that works very well at boosting sales," he wrote. Mr. Kovarik of Rout said his analysis indicated that Amazon was regularly eliminating more list prices. "In early May, about 29 percent of the products we saw were missing list prices, but now the number is up to about 70 percent," he said.