Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday July 05, 2016

Retail RX 480 4GB to 8GB Memory Unlock Mod Works

Over the long holiday weekend some Radeon RX 480 4GB owners were claiming that their cards actually shipped with 8GB of memory but they were unable to access all the memory due to BIOS limitations. Well, the crew at techPowerUP decided to flash the BIOS on a retail RX 480 4GB (one that had 8GB of physical memory on the card) and it worked. Hit the link for all the information and benchmarks.

Earlier this week, we heard reports of some early adopters of the 4 GB variant of AMD Radeon RX 480 claiming that their cards shipped with 8 GB of memory physically present on their cards, but their graphics card BIOS somehow prevented the GPU from addressing more than 4 GB of it. In its Reddit AMA, the company presented a vague answer to the question of whether such 4 GB cards are moddable to 8 GB by flashing it with the BIOS of the 8 GB variant, by stating that the ability to mod is restricted to review samples. This is both true and false. Short answer: retail 4 GB RX 480 can be flashed to 8 GB, and the modified card performs on par with the 8 GB variant.

Adding more fuel to this whole "8GB in 4GB sheep's clothing" story are these pictures pulled off Imgur.

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