Sunday July 03, 2016

UPS Is Tired Of Driving To Your House

In the "good old days" (e.g., before Amazon Prime), UPS dealt primarily with business-to-business, high-volume deliveries, but now they have to tolerate inefficient stops that involve little more than a single package. The company wants to combat this with UPS lockersآ—but is your neighborhood bad enough for you to choose these over a normal, doorstep delivery?

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آ…the company is expanding its network of lockers, which allow 24-hour access to your packages without a delivery truck actually coming to your house. Yes, pretty much like the Amazon Locker, but not limited to Amazon orders. The lockers are actually an expansion of the company’s Access Point program, where you can have your package redirected to a store near you. That’s handy if you live in a theft-prone area, or an apartment complex without an office for packages to be left, but it’s only useful as long as the store you’ve had your package sent to is open.