Sunday July 03, 2016

Six Months With The Steam Controller

Yay, or nay? The article points out that the appeal of the controller stems from its layout customizability, but we’re just talking software there. The lack of a proper d-pad and offset controls urge me to just stick with my Xbox Elite controller.

آ…before you can play a game with the controller, you need to browse a number of configuration settings through Steam and find one that suits your style. Yes, it also means you that it doesn't end there: Once you find a config that works for you, it will no doubt need some tinkering. Yes, all of these things seem like obstacles to play. But configuring the Steam controller has become a surprising part of its appeal. It delivers the same kind of understated excitement you might get from assembling a custom gaming PC, or the kind of mild thrill that you might find in tweaking graphical settings to achieve the best image your rig can deliver.