Sunday July 03, 2016

Millennials Admit Using Phones To Avoid Talking To People

Do people deliberately switch their phones on to avoid others? I always thought that kind of thing happens unconsciously.

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Bank Of America's Trends in Consumer Mobility Report tells me that 40 percent of millennials use their phones to avoid a conversation during a holiday get-together. You might think the future greatest generation is simply hooked on its devices. But, no. It uses them to get away from you. It's rather clever. While you're pitying them, they're bathed in relief that they don't have to hear about your latest hip surgery and that trip the two of you took to the Grand Canyon with your pet marmoset. Our phones really are becoming our best -- and most helpful -- friends. Indeed, 25 percent of all the 1,004 American adults surveyed here between March 29 and April 12 admitted to using phones as people-avoiders.