Sunday July 03, 2016

Are We Supposed To Believe The Nintendo NX Is Coming Out In Nine Months?

The NX was a total no-show at this year’s E3, and the recently released exhibitor list for TGS 2016 would suggest that Nintendo is opting out again. What’s the real story? Is Nintendo being truthful about keeping NX a secret because it is actually pretty darn revolutionary, or are they just delaying the embarrassment of how poorly it stacks up to competing consoles?

Nintendo has defended their secrecy, deflecting questions about the NX at E3 by saying they’re "worried about imitators" stealing whatever the central hook is for the NX. I can buy this, but only to a point. Microsoft and Sony are deep into Scorpio and NEO development, which seem to be pretty relentlessly focused on power. It seem incredibly unlikely to me that Nintendo would reveal some aspect of their new console that in the next nine months both companies would immediately try to rip-off, especially considering the performance of the Wii U, and how MS/Sony’s own tech fared when they tried to rip-off the Wii the last time with the Move and Kinect. There has just been shockingly little information about the NX from Nintendo directly.