Saturday July 02, 2016

These Headphones' Designers Think We Are All Idiots

Volant are the world’s first 3-in-1 headphones, but not a lot of people are sold on the idea. I mean, did you ever say to yourself that you wish you had earbuds that slotted into over-ears? And considering they aren’t sharing much about the engineering, I am convinced they don’t even sound all that great.

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آ…the bombast is frankly upsetting. I have a very real problem with companies adding complication for its own sake and exploiting people's lack of tech savvy to sell crap. Volant opts for obfuscation over innovation. There's no advantage to having earphones that double as a headphone wire versus just having a regular cable for your over-ears. In fact, it's worse, because if your Volant earphones or cable go bust, the only option to replace them will be to go back to Volant. Give me a standard, interchangeable 3.5mm connector where I can use wires from other manufacturers, or give me a real reason to accept its absence.