Saturday July 02, 2016

Dev: Xbox Scorpio Is On Par With Gaming PCsآ…For Now

It’s basically a given that the "super powerful" Scorpio is going to be outclassed by whatever gaming PCs will be running by the time it finally debuts. How relevant do you think the Scorpio can be, considering that most exclusives are expected to have W10 support?

آ…while the Scorpio may come off well against high end PCs right now, PCs will probably have caught up to it and overtaken it by the time the Scorpio actually launches next year. "This is my personal opinion: I don’t know that much about it. I think PCs are growing and developing super fast," he said. "New graphic cards are being released very often and more often than the new consoles being released. So I think it will put Scorpio on par with the PC is that we have at that point. But I think PC is growing so fast that it’ll outpace [Scorpio]."