Friday July 01, 2016

McDonald's In Singapore Has VR And Kinect-Powered Kiosk

You know what would be great? A virtual reality kiosk in a McDonald's that gives you a VR tour of the McDonald building you are already in. Wait. What? I can't wait to try out Google Cardboard with my greasy french fry fingers. roll eyes (sarcastic)

The store has kiosks installed with custom Google Cardboard headsets for customers to use. Unfortunately these allow only for a 360-degree VR tour of the outlet you're already sitting in -- hardly a terribly exciting use of VR technology. To keep kids entertained, there's an interactive shadow wall powered by Microsoft Kinect. Children, and adults for that matter, stand in front of a wall and control various shadow characters from McDonald's advertising lore, including Grimiss and The Hamburglar.