Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday July 01, 2016

Brazil Freezes Facebook Funds Over WhatsApp Evidence Spat

I would say this is a big deal but let's be honest, six million dollars is like couch cushion money to Facebook. I'll bet there had to be a bunch of legal wrangling on the part of the Brazilian courts to get their mitts on Facebook's money after realizing WhatsApp didn't have any financial operations in the country.

A Brazilian court has frozen 19.5-million reals ($6-million) of Facebook's cash after the social network's messaging service, WhatsApp, failed to hand over data as part of a criminal investigation. Reuters reports that Brazilian law enforcement sought access to messages that could link drug smugglers from a number of recent raids. The court targeted Facebook Inc, as WhatsApp doesn't have any financial operations in the country.