Wednesday June 29, 2016

Student Supercomputing Teams Break Records With NVIDIA GPUs

The NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform has, once again, spurred student teams to wins and new heights of performance at last week’s ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition in Frankfurt, Germany. Teams from South Africa and China both used Tesla GPU accelerators to earn top marks in the fifth annual competition. Indeed, 10 of the 12 competing high school and undergraduate teams آ— from as far afield as Estonia, Singapore and Spain آ— deployed GPUs.

South Africa Team Wins Real-Time Challenge

South Africa’s Centre for High Performance Computing team, which has a long string of victories at such events, won ISC’s real-time challenge. They used powerful, power-efficient NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerators. Each team builds a small cluster of its own design on the show’s exhibit floor. They then race to demonstrate the greatest performance across a series of benchmarks and applications.

China Team Sets New World Record

Also at ISC, the team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in China, set a new world record of 12.56 teraflops on the LINPACK benchmark, while staying within a 3-kw power consumption limit. The team used Tesla K80 GPU accelerators to power its work. This is the third straight time the Tesla K80 has been used to break this record since the GPU was launched a year and a half ago.