Monday June 27, 2016

NVIDIA Virtualizes ArcGIS for Any User, on Any Device

Subpar performance and a poor user experience can plague any geographic information systems (GIS) project accessed from the cloud. But with NVIDIA GRID and ArcGIS Pro, no map is too complex or dataset too large to be delivered remotely as a rich visualization. To get the most out of ArcGIS Pro, a leading application for working with spatial data, Esri knows that it has to meet a certain threshold. Organizations have been achieving this performance for years on workstations, but delivering that same experience virtually on any device, to multiple users, anywhere has been challenging.

That’s changed thanks to NVIDIA graphics virtualization technology. With the combination of NVIDIA GRID, NVIDIA Quadro and ArcGIS, you can achieve full mobility آ— and easily analyze, manage and create powerful GIS visualizations on any device, from any location. NVIDIA GRID enables up to 32 users to work simultaneously with large, complex GIS datasets from one host. To demonstrate this capability in dramatic form, we’re going to visualize nine different GIS datasets simultaneously at the Esri User Conference, June 27آ–July 1, in San Diego.