Sunday June 26, 2016

Price Warriors Are Vandalizing GeForce 1080 Reviews

Like any popular item with limited stock, prices are going way beyond MSRP, and people are voicing their displeasure. What’s the most ridiculous price you’ve seen for the 1080 or 1070?

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Gamers frustrated to find the 10 Series are doing something really misguided. Thousands of people have taken to give 1-star reviews all over Amazon to warn other not to pay a dime above retail, or as one reviewer put it: "Take me out to dinner first before you decide to fuck me". You can find comments and reviews like this across every make and model on the store. Since the price gougers have them in-stock the MSRP is driven up on the official product EVGA page, for example. The company is now facing have hundreds and hundreds of cost-related complaints from consumers.