Saturday June 25, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence: Like A High-Budget Porno, Minus Sex And Fun

You’d think that 20 years would have been enough time to come up with a decent script. I didn’t have a problem with the CG like this guy, but I did hate how uninspired and boring most of the story beats were. Even Will Smith and David Arnold couldn’t have saved it.

Many scenes include lousy green-screen staging, revealing cheap-looking real-life sets beneath minimally detailed CGI spaceships on both the human and alien sides. The main giant alien mothership, which pretty much covers half of the Earth, eventually transforms into a slightly more on-fire version of Lost's stupid smoke monster. It's hard to tell what exactly the thing is supposed to do. At one point, an indiscriminate Asian city is attacked in such a way that every building, car, and person starts floating up into the sky. The camera then cuts to Goldblum, who murmurs, "everything that goes up must come down," and then those buildings and cars start fallingآ—but all of the humans are already on the ground, looking up and screaming about what's happening. Huh?