Saturday June 25, 2016

Don't Send An Email If You Can Pick Up The Phone

This headline caught my eye becauseآ—well, I regularly have people tell me to call them when we are already engaged via email, which is annoying. I suspect it has nothing to do with immediacy, but more about someone being at risk of saying something really stupid or offensive and not wanting to be on record.

The lesson is derivative of the popular adage in various professional circles that goes something like this: don't say shit in writing that you don't want to see published for everyone to see. It's the kind of thing you'd expect any skilled operative to have penciled into their pocket-sized US Constitution, but it can be a practical lesson for almost anyone آ— especially people who say things they really shouldn't. And yet, I suspect the vast majority of us ignore this rule completely. Like a group of teachers at a prep school in Rhode Island who insulted their students in Slack, only to have those conversations leaked to the whole school.