Saturday June 25, 2016

20 Years Later, We Still Game In The Shadow Of Quake

Quake is still relevant and will always be relevant, being the first fully 3D game to use polygonal models, support hardware-accelerated graphics rendering, and have multiplayer-specific levels. Do future Quake titles have any chance of recapturing the magic of the originals?

No company has had a greater impact on these games than Id Software, and among its many important achievements stands Quake, which was released 20 years ago this week. There’s never been a game like Quake. And that’s true for both the broader games industry. And, as it turns out, for me personally as well. Looking at the earliest shooters, we see some important milestones, such as DOOM, of course, and Duke Nukem 3D. But it wasn’t until Quake that Id’s genius platform maker, John Carmack, was able to bring us into the world of real time 3D. Every shooter that’s been made since, including the Call of Duty titles I now prefer, could not and would not exist if it weren’t for Carmack, and for Quake.