Friday June 24, 2016

Robot Pizza Company Wants To Be "Amazon Of Food"

Pizzas made by robots? What the?!? Since it is Friday, I think this company is going to have to send us a bunch of these pizzas (and beer) to see if they really do stand up to the company's claims. big grin

Zume co-founder Alex Garden, a former executive at mobile gaming giant Zynga, tells Bloomberg that once the vans are operational, the process will work by having the robots load each oven with different orders. At approximately three minutes and 15 seconds before arriving at the delivery destination, the oven will be turned on remotely from the Zume office, and "boom, the customer gets a fresh, out-of-the-oven pizza delivered to their door." "We want to be the Amazon of food," Garden says, noting that the new process, if used by other companies, could be "incredibly profitable."