Friday June 24, 2016

Intel’s Tiny Curie Reaches New Heights with Red Bull X-Fighters

Intel is bringing data analytics in real-time to summer action sports. At the X-Fighters 2016 in Madrid, Intel is teaming up with Red Bull Media House to offer competitors and fans unprecedented insights into the amazing athletic feats accomplished during the motocross competition. Thanks to the tiny, low-power Intelآ® Curieآ™-enabled device, it will be instantly known how high the athletes jump, how fast they take off the ramps, how long they spend off the ground and off their bike in mid-air. The data collected in real-time is received by anchors on the ground at the venue (powered by Intelآ® Edison) and transmitted for processing in real-time to an Intel-powered NUC (Next Unit of Computing) that acts as a server, crunching the data into vital statistics and usable, understandable metrics.

With the Intel Curie module-enabled device, athletes and coaches will be able to receive feedback in real-time, enabling them to take quick action to improve performance. Combining this data with video replay, nutritional, sleep and other data available to them, will enable athletes to create a more complete picture of how to improve performance. For fans looking for new insights into their favorite sports and athletes, this additional information can create a new appreciation for the level at which these athletes compete. Broadcasters will also bring the data to life by adding context to their analysis of the athletes’ performance, helping to bring fans closer to the sport.