Thursday June 23, 2016

G2A Speaks Out About Gray Market Fraud And Theft Accusations

I don't know, it just seems like if everything is on the up and up, this whole gray market game key fraud thing would be fairly easy to fix. Once a fraud complaint from the publisher has been filed, stop selling the game until the seller can verify authenticity. Ta-da! Problem solved.

The confrontation has involved many players over the years, but this latest flare-up was initiated by small publisher TinyBuild. The company has accused G2A, a third-party resale clearinghouse with locations in Poland, Hong Kong, and London, of selling $450,000 worth of the publisher’s keys obtained through illicit methods. When the owner of the stolen payment method discovers what's happened, their credit card company reverses the charges, the developer is charged back, and the keys are still floating in the market.