Thursday June 23, 2016

Does The World Need Another First-Person, Team-Based Shooter?

I think there is plenty of room for another great first-person, team-based shooter. What we don't need is another mediocre "me too" shooter. So, as long as CliffyB and company put out a good game, there is plenty of room for LawBreakers. Am I right?

Bleszinski is talking about the market for online, first-person, team-based shooters -- a niche genre that, in mid-2016, is on the verge of over-saturation. Overwatch just came out and it's been a monstrous hit for Activision Blizzard. It dominates the front page of Twitch and there are already plans to transform it into a truly competitive, esports-focused title. Other similar games, such as Gearbox's Battleborn or Epic Games' Paragon, are also on the market but they can't compare in terms of player numbers or hype.