Wednesday June 22, 2016

Silicon Valley's Bloody Plant Burger Smells, Tastes And Sizzles Like Meat

Would you guys eat something like this? My biggest fear isn't the taste, texture or vegan mayo (wtf?!?wink , I worry that, after eating something like this for a decade, we'll discover that it causes cancer or spontaneous growth of a second head. Also, did this article just mention the use of diaper pails to simulate the smell of the meat cooking? Mmmmm. eek!

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The taste is unreal. When I tried a mini burger slathered in vegan mayo, mashed avocado, caramelized onions and Dijon prepared by San Francisco chef Traci Des Jardin at the company's headquarters in Redwood City, I was floored. The flavor was slightly less potent than meat, but if I didn't already know this burger was made from plants, I wouldn't have guessed it. The texture as I chewed was just like ground beef.