Wednesday June 22, 2016

Computer Repair Shops Take Advantage Of Customers With Insurance

It turns out that the auto industry isn't the only place that will overcharge you for repairs covered by insurance. It seems that computer repair shops will take advantage of you too when they think insurance is footing the bill. This is my shocked face. eek!

The researchers behind the new work, based at the University of Innsbruck, came up with a study design that's ingenious in its simplicity. They bought a series of identical refurbished computers and disabled one of the two RAM chips in them. With the operating system they had installed (Windows 7 Pro), this created a self-diagnostic message on boot that correctly identified a memory problem. They then took these computers into randomly selected repair shops throughout Austria. The person then said they'd like an itemized bill. Half the time, however, they added that they needed the bill because the repairs would be insured.