Tuesday June 21, 2016

Intel Security Study Reveals Millennials More Likely to Unplug While on Vacation

In preparation for summer travel season, Intel Security conducted a study, "Digital Detox: Unplugging on Summer Vacation," to better understand the ways consumers stay digitally connected while traveling and ways they may unknowingly be putting their personal identity and devices at risk. Roughly 65 percent of U.S. respondents define being unplugged as having no internet usage at all, while half said being unplugged means they did not make any phone calls. The survey challenges a misconception in society that millennials would be the least likely to leave their devices behind on vacation آ– 49 percent of U.S. millennials actually admitted that they were willing to unplug on vacation, while only 37 percent of those respondents between 40-50 years of age would do so.