Sunday June 19, 2016

White House Leads Major Energy Storage Push

The administration made a couple of commitments this week to accelerate the grid integration of renewable energy and storage. The plans are expected to result in at least 1.3 GW of additional energy storage procurement or deployment in the next five years, as well as approximately $1 billion in energy storage investments.

The White House says that renewable energy generation has increased at a record pace since 2009, and energy storage and other technologies have the potential to further accelerate the development of a cleaner and smarter grid. In 2015 alone, the U.S. doubled the installed capacity of advanced energy storage to 500 MW, and deployment of this key resource is projected to continue to expand, the fact sheet adds. Through new executive actions, the federal government has committed to increasing its storage and microgrid capacity through programs that will make federal and military bases more resilient and provide funding for microgrids in rural communities.