Sunday June 19, 2016

Are 4K Visuals The Best Use For Project Scorpio And PlayStation Neo?

So this is basically a debate as to whether the 2.0 consoles should prioritize framerate instead of resolution. As someone who is convinced that 4K in any (playable) shape or form will make these systems choke, I don’t think developers even have the privilege of pushing resolution.

آ…could this new console technology be used differently, to achieve tangibly superior results that wouldn't require investing in a new TV? Could Neo and Scorpio actually be used to deliver better gameplay? Resolution aside, there are further options open to developers armed with this substantial boost in GPU power - many titles could be run at 60fps over the standard 30fps, the biggest game-changer in terms of playability. Alternatively, in-game worlds could become deeper, with a much higher degree of simulation - more NPCs, better physics, real-time global illumination - you name it. More time can be invested by developers in GPGPU, the process of utilizing graphics hardware for tasks more traditionally suited to the CPU.